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Article SEO | How To Optimize My Articles
The main objective is to write articles that are called SEO-optimized. The way to do that is, to create a keyword list and create articles based on your keyword list. The simplest way to do that is to go to Google Keyword Tool. Its free and it will give you up to date and relevant information.
I will give you an example of that right now. So you can go to Google and type in, Google keyword tool and this should pop up. So youll enter this Captcha obviously. But then youll pick a keyword, for example if I have a website thats dedicted to ebay, then I want to get eBay related keywords so Ill type in Ebay and then Ill get my results. As you can see the results came up.

The main thing that I look for is Global monthly search volume. Local search volume is not really relative. I can go into that but its not important. Just look at Global monthly search volume and then click it and this will categorize it from most explored and most searched down to the least searched. So you want to stay within keywords that are just above five thousand. For example, this one is 5400. What that means is, roughly about 5400; you can pick on a lower like 5000 because this is not right on dot; its an approximate. So you want to start there, nothing under 5000, which means you get a decent number on the search volume.
You will not be writing articles in the competitive nature of just eBay. Youd be wasting your time. Thats why I do 5000 because that would get you in the ball park of being able to rank on Google. Now, you pick everything from 5400 and up. Now I go to 30, which means I pick 30 keywords. And Im going to write 30 articles.

Now heres why. These are all basically LSI keywords. Everything is related to Ebay. You can find the keyword eBay inside the actual long tailed keyword or the short tailed keyword. Long tailed keywords are considered 3 or more words in a phrase, short tailed keywords contain two and the useless keyword that you cannot capitalize on would be the one keyword phrase. For three keywords and above, you can almost nail the front page of Google with that. So I go from 5400 and I count up to 30 and this would leave me around the 1200 to 1400 range for these specific keywords.
So let me show you where it would leave me. It actually leaves me at 14800 which is not so bad. But youre getting a mixture from everything– from 5400 up to 14800. Now you have your keyword list, as you can see. We got 30 keywords here and what you do is to start at the top and work your way down. Heres how to structure those keywords so you get an SEO-optimized article:
You have to use the keyword as the title.
You have to use the keyword within the first 50 words of your article.
You have to use the keyword sporadically and sprinkle it all throughout the article.
You have to do no less than a 300 hundred word or a 400 hundred word article. I like 500 hundred words because it gets optimized faster. For 400 word article, you have to use a percentage of 3.5% keyword density. That also goes for a 500 word article as well. With a keyword density of 3.5 %, on a 400 word thats about 14 x for a 500 word article, 17 x.
So use it once inside the first 50 words and then you subsequently use the remainder throughout. Use it once in the last paragraph or the last couple of sentences of the article.


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